1. What is coaching?

Coaching is a journey which moves an individual to a better place with possibilities they don’t see. Coaching helps you achieve your personal and professional goals by asking thought provoking questions and support through various research-based tools and assessments.

2. What does SherlockSuperCoach.AI ™, the coaching platform do for me?

Sherlock leverages targeted & thought-provoking questioning techniques to stimulate user’s self-reflection, making possible action visible again and promoting solution-oriented thinking.

Sherlock does it through insightful personal conversations, stories and effective tools. The starting point for Sherlock is to understand your preferred thinking patterns. Then it leverages that information for your ultimate success. Sherlock’s approach is based on decades of research on coaching, Whole Brain theory, neuroscience and positive psychology.

3. How different is app coaching from human coaching? Would sherlock give me access to a human coach?

First and foremost – SherlockSuperCoach.AI ™ is available to you 24*7 whenever you need it. Sherlock has made coaching accessible to hundreds and thousands of junior and mid management people who never had access to a coach but always needed one. Sherlock doesn’t intend to replace your manager but rather compliment him/her/It. There is no human involved in the entire coaching platform.

Sherlock is built on systemic principles to ensure you reflect, have insights, come up with thoughtful actions which are tracked to closure. Sherlock also has an in-built nudging system and check-in system to help you draw insights and keep you true to your goals.

Since Sherlock is a Whole Brain coach, it will send you notifications based on your thinking preferences as well which is tough for humans to do.

4. How different is a coaching app from a mental health therapy app?

Coaching is different from therapy. Although Sherlock helps you remain in a resourceful mental and emotional state, it is not a therapy app and should not be used by people who are seeking mental health support.

Mental health refers to a wide range of disorders that affect mood, thinking and behavior. If someone is going through a mental health issue, they can experience distress and problems functioning at home or at work. The user should then contact a therapist. It is not something one can overcome with the help of a coach as the causes can be biological.

5. Will the conversation I have with sherlock be confidential?

Your identity will always remain anonymous & will stay strictly private & confidential. There is no human intervention. We are GDPR compliant.

6. What information will be shared with my organization?

Your identity will remain anonymous (even when you join as a cohort from the organization) & will stay strictly private & will never be shared with the organization. The organization will only have access to overall analytical reports across the cohort. None of the reports in Analytics can track it down to an individual.

7. What information will be collected from me?

Sherlock records the conversations and chats which you have on the platform. This information is used for bringing more personalized experience to you as you continue to use Sherlock. We don’t record any other information except for your name and email.

8. What is the role of AI in the coaching platform?

SherlockSuperCoach.AI ™, the coaching platform is purpose-built for coaching conversations, using state of the art AI neural network models like GPT-3, together with very customized neural network models evolved from hundreds or thousands of coaching conversations with some of the best coaches. The conversation model is trained according to the user’s brain preference, which makes it even more personal than a human coach.

For the Business managers and HR partners, specially designed analytics app i.e., Sherlock Acumen™ leverages the power of data and brings unique insights using specialized proprietary algorithms.

9. How much time commitment is required from me for SherlockSuperCoach.AI ™ to be effective?

You can spend 10 minutes a day to finish 1 micro learning/coaching module or a coaching chat. Consistency is the key though. You also need time to complete the actions you set for yourself. Sherlock will nudge you on your actions as well. We recommend that you spend quality time on 1 micro module rather than completing multiple modules in less time. The idea is to reflect, we have users who spend hours on our chats. Sky is the limit.

10. How will Sherlock monitor my progress?

Sherlock will send you fortnightly reminders on your actionable items to keep you on track for your coaching journey. Additionally, you can find various monitoring tools in the app which help you self-regulate. Moreover, Sherlock also records all your notes, insights and moods. Which are easily accessible to you from your Today tab under Journals.

11. How often will sherlock nudge me?

You can customize the number of times you want to get nudged.

  • My profile > Settings > Notifications > Goals & Reminders > You can specify days and times to get notification to remind you to check-in on your learning goals and action plans.
  • My profile > Settings > Notifications > Recommendations > Sherlock will send you recommended content based on your Whole Brain profile and your interests. Plus, Sherlock will notify you about any newly added content – coaching models, tips, assessments and more.

12. Are there tools available?

There are multiple tools in each module that are dynamic and interactive. These tools will enable you to find clarity of purpose, flourish resourceful mental and emotional state, build resilience, become more agile, communicate across cultures, imbibe the Whole brain approach to surging ahead and much more.

13. Are there assessments available?

Yes, you will have access to various formal and informal assessments along the coaching journey. These assessments lead to self-exploration and an understanding of where you are currently.

14. What is the privacy policy of sherlock


15. How can I delete all the data from the app

You can delete all the data from the app from:
My profile > Settings > Account & Subscription > Delete Account > DELETE