When people perform at their peak,
your organization thrives

SherlockSuperCoach.AI™ coaching platform delivers professional coaching that drives employee productivity and growth, enhances retention, and boosts engagement at scale in a cost-effective manner—all without human intervention.
Designed specifically for your Gen Z and Millennial employees, this platform is the brainchild of master executive coaches and experts in artificial intelligence & technology.

Sherlock takes the place of that provocateur in their life who will
challenge them to think beyond their current habitual thinking patterns and helps them to surge ahead.

Who is Sherlock?

I’ll help your teams surge ahead by the power of coaching through our generative AI coaching conversations, transformative coaching journeys, assessments and tools.

Sherlock Coaching™
For your individuals, teams, and organization, SherlockSuperCoach.AI™ is a 24/7 AI-powered coaching platform designed to foster a continuous learning environment. Our AI powered generative coaching conversations are informed by cognitive behavioural science, positive psychology, brain plasticity, emotional intelligence and other important theories based on neuroscience. Some transformative coaching conversations include:

Achieving beyond ordinary results through cutting edge & an extremely superior goal setting

Discover what does one build their life on and what informs some of the life defining decisions like career, partner, and other important choices.

Discover the magic sauce for being resilient. How does one respond to adverse situations and strive for new challenges?

Flourish with a bright mental & emotional state.

Gain strategic advantage by leveraging whole brain thinking

“Sherlock made me reflect,
challenge my current thinking
and present something new that I
wasn’t aware of…”

Sherlock Conversations™
Our coaching platform helps individuals to address their professional challenges by reflecting and setting action through AI-powered coaching conversations. We leverage our proprietary conversational AI coaching model(Stech™), which utilizes generative AI techniques & multiple coaching models for provocative questioning.

SherlockTools™ – We have integrated several contextual tools in our coaching chats through our machine learning based mapping algorithm.

Watch Sherlock in action

Your Business Managers, Leaders & HR partners
can gain deep insights and
measure impact of Sherlock’s coaching
with the analytics app;
Sherlock AcumenTM

Sherlock Acumen™ app
Utilize our prescriptive and predictive analytics for real-time growth insights. Formulate empowering action plans, understand organizational climate, track trends, and evaluate coaching impact, all through our specialized proprietary AI analytics algorithms.

Our ROI algorithm is designed based on the research-backed Kirkpatrick Model, a renowned benchmark for assessing the ROI of coaching. Rather than just measuring against the diverse facets across the four levels of the Kirkpatrick model, our algorithm meticulously aligns each facet with 3 business outcomes. We refer to these business outcomes as the SherlockROI™ measures: Productivity, Engagement, and Well-Being.

Time to help your people surge ahead!

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