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Understanding Gen Z: Balancing High Tech and High Touch Perspectives

Is Gen Z really more high-tech than high-touch?

GenZers are stressed about finance. What can they do?

Research has shown that GenZers are stressed about finance and job stability. As an organization or human resource manager, you are of course not expected to step in and solve their problems. But what you can do, is help them understand their situation – without catastrophizing and distorting – so they can take informed action themselves.

Imposter syndrome: how to deal with it?

Imposter Syndrome. Most of us have experienced it at least once in our careers and not only does it feel bad to us, but it’s also not helpful for organizations and their success.

How can Gen Z better manage burnout and stress?

Work, work, work. It’s not a surprise around 68% of GenZs feel very stressed on the job, with all the deadlines and high speed of execution required in business-driven enterprises. Being used to set high standards for themselves, it’s hard for them to know when to stop, when to take a break.

For Gen Z, work matters but the world matters even more

GenZers care. They are activists. They stand for something. And they believe in themselves. If you think “they are stubborn”, it might be difficult to manage and work with young employees.

The biggest mistake GenX leaders make with Gen Z employees

Our biggest mistake as GenX leaders is to generalize our preconceived notions about GenZers. But no one is the same. So lead with curiosity and start by asking "What matters to them?" instead of "What's the matter with them"

Are you prepared for Gen Z and the young workforce?

And what we mean by that is not just how much you are ready to pay them, but also if you have thought about how you can make their LIVES better.

What is the importance of Meaning in a GenZ’s life?

The answers you’ll get from a Gen Z or a young millennial will be much different from what a Gen X would have answered when they were young.

What you can learn about your Employees with Sherlock

Sherlock offers real time analytics for business leaders and HR leaders through AI - powered coaching conversations, without revealing employee names or any indications of who they are.