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Engaging and Retaining Young Talent at Avanade

What strategies have you tried to engage and retain GenZ employees and which ones are the best? If you ask us, the best strategies are based on values and culture.

How AI and Technology can Help Young Employees in the Workplace

With more and more new technologies emerging every day, you might be a bit confused about how you can actually use them to benefit you as a manager, your organization, and your younger employees.

Threatened or Engaged? Gen Z’s reaction and use of AI

AI: are GenZs threatened or engaged? How are they feeling about it?

How can Organizations make sure the Future of Work is in line with Gen Z Values?

Nowadays, younger generations are actively researching companies to see their sustainability efforts and their values. They choose to work for companies that they’re able to look up online or on LinkedIn and see what’s actually happening.

How can you connect better with your Gen Z employees?

Knowing that Gen Z wants more connection but also scores high in loneliness, many managers are struggling to create a relationship that focuses more on the human-centric pieces instead of responsibilities and results.

How Managers Can Help Gen Z Feel More Engaged

An unengaged young generation entering the workforce is not necessarily a new reality. While Gen Z has its own unique set of characteristics – such as their relationship with technology and studying remotely during covid times – ultimately, it all comes down to inclusion.

Who Changes the Organization – the Individual or the Group?

Are you acknowledging individualism and that every person is unique in your organization? Or are you prioritizing the success of the group as a whole? Both can serve you and your company if you find the right balance.

How can you give Autonomy and Purpose to GenZs at entry-level jobs?

Gen Z and young millennials take into consideration meaning, value, and impact to measure job satisfaction. So here comes a challenge. How can you as an organizational leader give autonomy and deeper purpose in an entry-level job?

Are GenZers coachable?

Sometimes a conversation and a few quality questions can be the simple solution to GenZs’ stress and overwhelm. As a leader, how much are you asking as opposed to telling?