Sherlock Super Coach ™: The growth vehicle for maximising human potential

Gain Perspectives, Ideas, Actionable Insights and Practical Skills to level up Gen Z & young millennials and help them surge ahead

How can you give Autonomy and Purpose to GenZs at entry-level jobs?

Gen Z and young millennials take into consideration meaning, value, and impact to measure job satisfaction. So here comes a challenge. How can you as an organizational leader give autonomy and deeper purpose in an entry-level job?

Are you prepared for Gen Z and the young workforce?

And what we mean by that is not just how much you are ready to pay them, but also if you have thought about how you can make their LIVES better.

What is the importance of Meaning in a GenZ’s life?

The answers you’ll get from a Gen Z or a young millennial will be much different from what a Gen X would have answered when they were young.

What you can learn about your Employees with Sherlock

Sherlock offers real time analytics for business leaders and HR leaders through AI - powered coaching conversations, without revealing employee names or any indications of who they are.

How We Use AI to Reframe Your Thoughts and Beliefs

Sherlock Super Coach can understand sentiments and help reframe a given context into a new and positive learning opportunity.

How Sherlock is Built to Understand Your Thinking Preference

Our coaching platform understands the context through provocative questioning techniques. These coaching conversations are optimized to the user’s brain preferences.

Brain Plasticity and Modalities we use for Coaching at Sherlock

It’s done by integrating modalities such as Cognitive Behaviour, Positive psychology, Brain Plasticity, Whole Brain Thinking, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Neuroscience.

Why we DON’T rewire your brain to enable change

Sherlock Super Coach: Our AI-powered conversational coaching platform leverages Whole Brain Thinking as one of the levers to help Gen Z professionals think of possibilities they have not thought of before.

The Coaching Process behind Sherlock

We figured early that just plain coaching conversations will not be engaging enough for the Gen Zers and young millennials. There is enough research-based evidence that Gen Zers have a short attention span.