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Avanade’s Future Leaders Council

Here at Sherlock, we care about developing future leaders and promoting mental health among young professionals. This is why we were thrilled to discuss with Avanade about their Future Leaders Council, which serves as an exemplary model for both.

Unlocking Gen Z Wellness: Strategies And Key Metrics To Measure Success

What metrics do you use to measure the success of wellness programs among Gen Z audiences?

Assessing the Impact and Efficiency of Employer Wellness Apps

Employer-provided wellness apps, make mental health resources more available and accessible to professionals.

AI’s Role in Elevating Gen Z Engagement at Work

AI tools provide an opportunity for collecting moment-to-moment employee feedback that is virtually impossible for any manager to get through conversations during their busy workdays.

Remote, Hybrid or Offline? Flexibility is Key in the Workplace

Flexibility is very personal and customizable, and can mean different things to different people.

Data Analytics and Privacy in the New-age of AI Technology

Nothing gets really done or implemented without data. Data is critical for change, and it’s what drives action and makes us do the behavior.

Is AI the new unconventional Coaching method for organizations?

Let's reflect on the possible uses of AI and how it can help HR stay on top of how people are feeling and any related changes in behavior – so that managers can take the appropriate action.

The benefits of an AI Coaching App for young employees in your organization

Not only is it more accessible in terms of money and time, but it also fits the I-want-instant-answers mindset that Genzers and millennials have.

How to Approach Mental Health with Gen Zers in the Workplace

While we’re learning to acknowledge the importance of mental health in the workplace, there’s still a lack of empowered managers.