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The SherlockBeta Program Our beta program is launched, and we are offering a free 3-month trial for select organizations. It’s a simple process to be part of our beta program. Please fill in the form and our experts will reach out to you and get your organization onboarded. As an early adopter, you can shape SherlockSuperCoach.AI ™ by helping us build modules that matter to your business!

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What is included in Sherlockßeta?

  • SherlockConversationsTM

    Personal coaching modules for surging ahead

    Coaching chats for getting unstuck To navigate challenges with teams, managers & organizations

  • Tools & assessments (incl. Gamification)
  • Check-in system for actions
  • Personalized contextual nudging system on actions, engagement & recommending new content for continuous learning & growth
  • SherlockAcumenTM The analytics app with behaviour based indices, trends on employee’s engagement, goals and well-being. (Beta planned for roll out in Q4’22)
  • Privacy: GDPR compliance
How our users responded to SherlockBeta in user labs?*
Our users in these labs came from US and India across reputed MNCs and large organizations like Amazon, McKinsey & Company, Intuit, The World Bank, BlackRock and many more...

* Heard across user labs and UAT across India and US