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Are you prepared to embark on the SherlockSuperCoach.AI ™ journey?We’re thrilled to delve deeper into your company’s aspirations and illustrate how Sherlock can wield a positive influence on the metrics that hold utmost significance for you. Just complete the form, and our adept sales team will reach out to you shortly.

  • Explore how Sherlock simplifies the measurement of coaching ROI for your business.
  • Obtain a customized pricing proposal aligned with your company’s objectives

Schedule an interactive demo to experience firsthand how SherlockSuperCoach.AITM functions and adapts to your company’s needs. Delve into success stories from businesses similar to yours, showcasing the transformative impact of Sherlock’s AI coaching.

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By leveraging SherlockSuperCoach.AI, organizations can potentially target:


rise in Productivity


boost in Engagement


enhancement in Well-Being

Top US organizations are already using our coaching platform as early adopters. The onboarding process is streamlined, consisting of three clear steps:

  1. Selecting the cohort
  2. Initiating the kick-off of the journey
  3. Conducting regular check-ins with the cohort as they engage with the AI-powered coaching of SherlockSuperCoach.AITM

Following this, you can sit back and observe real-time trends and insights concerning organizational climate, coaching effectiveness, and outcome trends.

You can also measure the ROI of coaching through three specific business outcomes i.e. Productivity, Engagement and Well-being, referred to as the SherlockROITM measures.

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Revolutionize your workforce with our unique AI-powered coaching journeys & experiences to embrace transformative mindsets & behaviours for unparalleled growth. Help them also navigate everyday challenges seamlessly through our conversational AI coaching.

  • A holistic end-to-end coaching platform

    with AI powered coaching modules & monitoring system of AI powered nudges
  • SherlockConversationsTM
    Conversational AI coaching with contextual understanding
  • SherlockToolsTM
    Micro-learning, gamified tools & curated content
  • SherlockAcumenTM

    The AI powered analytics app with real-time monitoring
  • Large scale advantage & cost saving

    (as no human is involved)
  • App-based deployment
    Ease of implementation

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